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People's Daily Online: Research and development of blockchain distributed storage network
As an important infrastructure of Web3.0, distributed storage and decentralized cloud computing will accelerate the digital transformation process of related industries, build new business scenarios, and promote profound changes in the economy and society. With the gradual rise of distributed storage protocols, as a supplement to HTTP, a global, point-to-point distributed version of the file system can be created, which can connect all computing devices with the same file system. As far as the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) is concerned, users are looking for content stored in a certain place. These content are scattered on different server nodes instead of a certain address. You only need to confirm the hash of the verification content to get faster , Safer and more stable web pages. The industry opportunity of blockchain technology has been hailed around the world. The first industrial revolution was represented by the steam engine, which made the British Empire; the second industrial revolution was represented by electricity and mass production technology, which made Germany; the third The sub-industrial revolution is represented by computers and microelectronics technology, which has made the United States; the fourth industrial revolution is a new technology represented by the blockchain, which is a new productivity; whoever can grasp the top of the new technology can lead In the world, we have lagged behind other countries in the three previous industrial revolutions. Obviously, this time we are standing on the same starting line with the world, and even leading the development of the world.
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